Stop apologizing for things you didn’t do.

June 8, 2009

You know how sometimes you’re waiting for something and you built up so much anticipation that in the end the result isn’t as great as you hoped it would? Kind of like that cellphone or that hot dog in the corner concession stand. Yeah, well if you have then you’d understand how summer school went today. I don’t mean to exaggerate. I guess you could count the three hour break satisfactory and yeah the professors are great. Professor Ethridge is hilarious, telling us stories of men that committed suicide and hung their penis as well (that man was a famous actor according to Rene). Professor Jackson on the other hand in intense. I can tell his class is going to be hard, but boy I’m just in love with the way he talks. He sounds so intellectual. I hope I’m able to include random statistics into my conversations by the time I’m done with his class. Heck, I hope I just pass his class.

It’s only 23 days of hell. I can handle it…. I hope.

Number of days until Harry Potter:
Gossip Girl: Season 1, Episode 18


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