Above everything I really hate being rushed to do things. The sad thing is, in this stupid noisy fast-paced world today, being in a hurry is something that is ordinary and expected. I like to take my time and smell the coffee grounds. I DO NOT like taking exams on the fourth day of class over two chapters.  Stupid summer school. Whoever thought to cram a semester-worth of work into 25 days should be murdered. Man I get angry just saying the word murder. Criminal Justice really is getting to my head. Now, since I’m only using this as procrastination for studying and my laptop is about to die…until tomorrow.


You know how sometimes you’re waiting for something and you built up so much anticipation that in the end the result isn’t as great as you hoped it would? Kind of like that cellphone or that hot dog in the corner concession stand. Yeah, well if you have then you’d understand how summer school went today. I don’t mean to exaggerate. I guess you could count the three hour break satisfactory and yeah the professors are great. Professor Ethridge is hilarious, telling us stories of men that committed suicide and hung their penis as well (that man was a famous actor according to Rene). Professor Jackson on the other hand in intense. I can tell his class is going to be hard, but boy I’m just in love with the way he talks. He sounds so intellectual. I hope I’m able to include random statistics into my conversations by the time I’m done with his class. Heck, I hope I just pass his class.

It’s only 23 days of hell. I can handle it…. I hope.

Number of days until Harry Potter:
Gossip Girl: Season 1, Episode 18

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve “started up a blog” then deleted it for some reason or another. The funny thing is, everytime I decide to start up again, it has to do with some Youtuber inspiring me. In reality, all this nonsense of blogging just takes up my time that I could use doing something more productive, like catching up on all the TV shows I’ve missed out on. And yes, I do consider that a good investment of my time, judge me all you want.

Summer school starts tomorrow. I should be excited. Actually, I was excited all up until a few minutes ago when I logged on to Myspace and realized how many people “started summer school at college” tomorrow. Now, not only am I extremely upset that I’m going to have to put up with all those immature idiots for half of my summer vacation, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to be such a great time as I thought it would be. At least I’ll have Carlos. I’ll be able to see him more than I ever saw him in regular school, since I’m his official chauffeur (and by me, I mean my older sister) and not to mention that we both enrolled in the same courses. Who knows what will go on in the epic three hour break between classes. Oh, don’t let me speak too soon, or it’ll all be jinxed and we’ll spend our break doing massive amounts of schoolwork. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t. Rene leaves tomorrow for Washington. Oh god, I miss those theater kids already.

Number of days until Harry Potter 6: 39